How to Use This Site

Hello Fan Video Winter Term Folks! Here are a few opening tips on how to use this site:

Your daily & weekly work is laid out in the weekly Syllabus tab, so that’s likely where you want to go first. 

In the Syllabus, you’ll find a breakdown of what you should be working on each day, as well as links to any materials (readings, screenings etc.) & links for tutorials, discussion, & assignment submissions. 

In the Assignments section, you’ll find a quick view of all the assignment due dates (in case you want easy access to enter it into a planner or some such) as well as the details of each assignment and their grade weighting (how much each is worth in your final grade).

In Tools & Tech you’ll find description of all of the tech we’re using for this class and how we’re using it. 

In Assessment  you’ll find a description of the processes of Self-Assessment we’ll be using for this class. You can also see the prompts for particular reflections you’ll be writing to accompany specific assignments.

And as always, if you have any questions, you can always email me at or message me on Teams.