Vexercise 1: Vidding Pechakucha 2 Ways

Create a video edit of exactly 60 seconds consisting of precisely 10 video clips from your chosen source text, each lasting precisely 6 seconds, assembled with straight cuts. Make two versions of your pechakucha, with 1 minute excerpts from two different songs as audio. Fade in and out on your audio at the beginning and end of the audio clip.

[Word to the wise: Most six second clips that you use are bound to have in-clip cuts–you don’t have to go looking only for clips that have no internal cuts. But you can make those internal cuts work for you rhythmically or thematically etc!]

[This exercise is inspired directly by the first of the videographic criticism exercises, offered right here at Middlebury at the Summer Workshop on Videographic Criticism and FMMC 0334 Videographic Film and Media Studies, but modified here to help us start to think about the varying forms of fan video. Therefore this version of pechakuchas deviates from the videographic criticism version by requiring the inclusion of music from an outside source.