W3: Transcultural Fan Video Past and Present

SUN: Vexercise 4 (Side Characters Vid) due by end of day.

MON Mix:

  • Definition of Transcultural fan studies, (Chin & Morimoto? Something shorter?)
  • Reading on Fan Video as Transcultural (might have to write this)
  • Short piece (fan meta) on AU vids or meta vids? 

TUES 10.30-11.30: Class Zoom (Reading Discussion, Vexercise 4 Debrief, Looking ahead to Vexercise 5: Genre Mashing/Alternative Universe vid or multi/meta vid–please note! Due Thursday, not Wednesday!) 

TUES 11.30-12.30: Screening: Vexercise 4 & discussion, + curated show of genre/AUs & multi/meta vids

WED 10.30-11.30 Class Zoom: Discuss Screenings  + Readings, Vex 5 questions arising? 

THUR Mix: 

THUR 10.30-11.30 Class Zoom (Vidding Support! Reading Discussion, short screening of inspiration vids, Looking ahead to Vexercise 6 The Final Vexercise-Free Vid (Rough draft due the coming Tuesday) 

THUR (by end of day): Vexercise 5 (genre mashing/AU or meta/multi vid) due

FRI: Reading & Screening Connection discussion on Slack… AND start working on your final Vexercise!