W4: Fan Video Potentials

MON Mix:

  • Vidder Profiles & also find something more updated because uh this is def. not the future or present now?
  • Something on Fan Video Futures/New Directions, maybe instagram edits??

TUES 10.30-11.30: Class Zoom (Vexercise 5 Debrief, Vexercise 6 Check in, Reading Discussion)

TUES 11.30-12.30: Screening of Vexercise 5

TUES end of day: Rough Draft Vexercise 6 Due

WED 10.30-11.30: Class Zoom (Vexercise 6 Rough Draft Debrief, Screening of Vexercise 6)

WED 11.30-12.30 Groupwork flash vid analyses using video ant, A Ridiculous Competition with Very High Rewards of the much coveted Ant Points (you know you want all the ants)

THUR 10.30-11.30 Party & U-Pick Screening

THUR end of day: Vexercise 6 Final Due, share on Slack

FRI: Vexercise 6 Discussion on Slack: comment on at least two of each others’ vids, respond to any comments you receive