Tools & Tech

Microsoft Teams: We’ll be using Teams for text-based discussion, for group work, and for assignment submission. We will have a tech and creative help discussion board and various chat threads on teams. You can use Teams to message other students individually as well. 

Flipgrid: We’ll be using Flipgrid for periodic asynchronous video conversations throughout the semester. Flipgrid is integrated into Teams. 

Adobe Premiere: We’ll be using Adobe Premiere for editing assignments throughout the class. You will need to have access to a computer that supports Premiere. Middlebury has a free license for educational use. Premiere is the software we use as our main editing tool in the FMMC department. 

External Hard Drive: You will need a dedicated hard drive to edit from for the course. It’s the one purchase that you need to make for the course as there are no textbooks to purchase.

Zoom: We will use Zoom for our class video conference sessions. I also use Zoom for my office hours, with the same link always:

OneDrive: You’ll upload your videos to onedrive which is connected to Teams. 

Kosmi: We’ll use Kosmi for our collective synchronous screenings (which will happen during our class times on T, W, Th). You will need to sign up for a free Kosmi account so that you can comment in the screening chat with your name.